Why MDH Staffing for your Permanent Staffing​?

MDH has over 25 years of Recruiting Experience!!

MDH recruits the passive and active candidates for your openings!!

MDH offers affordable permanent staffing solutions!!

MDH is a registered placement Agency With the State of Massachusetts!!

MDH is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau!!​​




          MDH Staffing is solely focused on the permanent placement of technical, administrative and manufacturing employees within Massachusetts companies. We look to augment your current recruitment process and give support to those hard to fill openings.  Today’s tight job market with unemployment below 4 percent and some disciplines far into the negatives create challenges for any recruitment process.  The past sources of temp staffing have been strained by the rising costs of benefits and the desire for the employee to feel the security as a permanent employee.  By focusing on permanent placement only we draw on both the active and passive temporary and permanent candidates for your openings. We use traditional recruitment practices along with all the latest online tools to gain access to the candidates your company is looking for to strive.

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